A Young Teacher’s Guide To Working With A Difficult High School Class

When I was in secondary school and JC (junior college, or Pre-Uni), I scored in some subjects, didn’t score in others. I often wonder why. Looking back later during my uni days, I realised that there are certain habits that effective students possess, and by adopting these habits for myself consciously (instead of unconsciously during my earlier years), I emerged with a stellar first class honours within the competitive National University of Singapore Electrical Engineering faculty. And I have done this journey with minimal tuition help.

Answer test prep, if manageable, do it regularly. It will measure your strong and weak points in subject areas which can be adjusted before taking the final test.

Make short notes to read an hour before your exam. Realise that for subjects like physics, knowing and understanding the concepts well, memorizing the equations and definitions of the different terms, can suffice in scoring As for your exams. The knowing and understanding the concepts should have been covered in points 1 to 4 above. The equations and definitions on your short paper are merely to there to help refresh your memory so that you do not stumble in exams.

In general the place became a bustling games area!…. And the other thing that started happening was that we were suddenly growing out of control. We only had a small music school premises, but suddenly there was no room left in the car park, in the hallways and parents wanted to start learning in this method as well in our lunch hour!….many had told us that MUSIC HAD NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN! On top of this, our older students started achieving the highest rbse result we had ever seen…

By the time I was fourteen I started to excel in history, often achieving the highest mark in the class. However, I was still judged according to my overall achievements in other subjects.

Creating a table in an Access database is very easy. Name your field and select your data type. For instance, you may want a first name and a surname field. The data type would be text because they hold textual information. On the other hand a payment or amount field would need a numeric data type such as a decimal. A date of birth field would need a date data type.

Key among essay exam tips is to practice writing as much as possible. Every time you are given a writing assignment, it is an opportunity to hone your writing skills. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel with writing. Your ideas will come quicker. Therefore, the first of the essay exam tips is to practice writing.

Also, remember that school grades do not determine your personality neither your IQ. So don’t feel crest-fallen if ever you’ll sometimes receive a low score in your exams. But I’m not telling you not to study well anymore. Study so you’ll gain knowledge. Don’t just study for the grades. If these ideas get through you, I reckon you can now escape from the world of cheating and enter the real world of coolness!