Cleveland State To Host Vermont Tuesday In Nit First Round Game

Picture a polished, gleaming, juicy red apple sitting high up on top of a fruit stand amongst dozens of other apples in a grocery store. It’s luscious, ripe, ruby tone assures any onlooker that behind the thin, glossy skin of this delectable fruit contains the flesh of a delicious desert fit for the consumption of a King.

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When it comes to dressing up the bride, look no further than a cheeky “bride to be” sash. This flashing sash lets everyone know who the bride is in the room – and will remind her of her days as prom queen. What’s not to love? You might consider giving her a veil to wear when you’re out and about as well.

Print out the pages and then whenever the kids are getting ready to eat (or right before) use them as cute place mats and give them some crayons to color them.

Every league has their own set of rules and if you don’t obey, you can be banned from league play by the owner of the league, as well as by any moderators. Some bans last 30 minutes, such as the penalty for insulting a member in the chat room. Other bans last 24 hours, whereas repeated transgressions earn you an indefinite ban from the league. A list of what is acceptable and unacceptable within a particular league can be found on their homepage.

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