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As “The Sound of Music” celebrates its 45th anniversary and the cast appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show, one actor in particular doesn’t feel his role was very exciting in the movie, according to NY Daily News. Christopher Plummer, who was the patriarch in “The Sound of Music,” didn’t feel his role as Captain Von Trapp was particularly interesting.

So what’s the future? Another Star Trek? I hope so. I did like Bionic Woman and I thought it could be the future, but sadly it never found it’s footing and was cancelled early on. As excited as I am about the new movie, Star Trek excels at being a serial. It deserves a weekly romp amongst the stars as we get to know and love absorbing characters. Again, look at where Abram’s went for his story – back to the beginning – back to the most loved characters. Television is great at getting us to fall in love with characters. Comic books do that well too. For decades comic books hooked loyal readers on intense story lines with awesome characters. Now the FCPX Plugins are reaping those rewards from those tales. So, I’d love to see another Star Trek television series after the feature film.

Let’s say that it’s time for a new car. You find one for $15,000. You go to the dealership and finance the vehicle with the maker’s finance company for 6.00% APR.

Music Theatre Louisville invites you to come early and stay late! A picnic fare will be offered prior to each production, featuring Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Beer, Wine and Mixed drinks on the Belvedere of The Kentucky Center. Mix and mingle with the cast after the performances at the East Room Bar of the Kentucky Center, where drink specials and late night bites will also be available. Casual is always encouraged, it’s summertime! Sponsored by PNC and Brown-Forman.

Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) was arrested for indecent exposure in 1991. This effectively ended his career at the time, probably because of the context. A sex offender of any kind who does a show for children doesn’t have a chance in the public arena. Nor film studios online should they.

You wouldn’t believe how many people will call you from this, especially if you live in a major metropolitan area. Because my business phone was also my cell phone, many times I would be driving down the road when the person behind me would call. I would ask them if they would like to pull over to discuss what their problem was that they where having and almost always by the end of the conversation I would have a new customer. Some times these customers would be small business owners which is exactly the customers you want. Normal home customers are good for a quick buck but generally they are a giant pain in the ass and always want to haggle over prices. If you can, always try to build your small business client base. Once you have a few small business clients, you will use my next step.

Seeing the actors will be a thrill for fans of the Oscar-winning classic. Christopher Plummer, 80, may not feel his role as Captain Von Trapp was that exciting, but he was an integral part of a true story that was.