Ideas On Green Wedding

How you arrive at your wedding can really set the tone. If you are looking to create a wedding that feels like an enchanted fairytale or a winter wonderland, then the horse drawn carriage is perfect for you. The old-fashioned charm of a horse drawn carriage will be sure to add to the beauty of your wedding.

Letters to Santa are only for children; resurrect this tradition for you and your spouse but add a romantic twist. Each year write each other a Dear Santa letter. Take this opportunity to summarize your hopes and dreams for the next year. Then exchange letters. This can be a great way to broach topics regarding your future together and your collective goals. By talking regularly about what direction you want your lives to take, you will grow closer together with every Christmas that passes.

Check their website for coupons and special offers before going to the Faulkner Winery. They believe in aged wines especially their reds. They offer indoor and outdoor wine tasting areas. And can handle banquets or other events for your group.

The Peju Tower website says it is one of the tallest structures in the Napa valley. The architecture alone is worth the visit but their wine tasting list is a nice one.

Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel. If you’re a high end roller, don’t wait any longer to book this venue. This hotel was once owned by Doris Day and was the hot spot for Hollywood celebrities in the 1960’s. From the grand Mediterranean ballroom, the courtyard, to the lavish Cyprus room with an inviting sun deck, there are thousands of possibilities for planning a wedding. This hotel has been known to throw in a free night in their cabana suite for choosing any one of their wedding packages. So why not indulge yourself? Planning your wedding at a hotel makes it easier to accommodate any out of town guests. You can ask your Wedding Planner to put your out of town guests in rooms at the hotel itself for convenience and traveling ease.

The horse and carriage wedding is a popular conveyance for brides of all seasons. In the summertime, have your horse and carriage bedecked with beautiful floral garlands. Winter brides can enjoy the soft tinkling of jingle bells as they clip-clop their way to the wedding location.

Casino nights are always popular. Serve hor d’ oeuvres and favors while guests play games like blackjack and poker. True casino night equipment like roulette and crap tables can be rented through party planners and party supply stores. Many times they even offer dealers at the tables.

Speaking of the honeymoon, where are you planning on going after your summer wedding? Tropical climates are always a great time… in the winter. Go in the summer and you’re looking at temperatures over a hundred degrees and tropical storms. More northern venues are in the mid eighties, sunny and dry, the perfect weather for a day at the beach or a pleasant night walking outdoors. Think about it. And while you’re at it, think more carefully about your other summer wedding plans.