Selecting A Wedding Photographer — Ten Top Tips To Find Your Ideal Photographer

All professional photographers will hold public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Imagine your photographer has his/her camera stolen from his/her car during your wedding, losing the camera and the pictures. Most insurance will pay for you to return to the venue later – have your hair re-done, the suits re-hired etc.

Please, don’t be surprised to see many snaps of one aunty and her three daughters. The rest of the guests who come to your wedding might make it to the odd snaps. You will not have a good mix of candid photographs till the time you hire a neutral Dorset Wedding Photographer.

Did you know that the number one thing that married people fight about is their finances? It’s true! So don’t get off to a bad start and go into debt just so you can have your ceremony in Tahiti and your reception in Maui. There are other ways.

Looking for a wedding limo can be a challenge. Not only should you look for available wedding limousines, but also for those that can keep up with schedule. You have probably heard of luxury wedding cars arriving late on the wedding day. Situations like this cause a major deal of exasperation, and you do not want to experience that. There are also some instances where limo services suddenly do not show up because someone has offered them a much bigger price. Hence, it is necessary to look for a reputable limo service.

Are you looking to have a very formal black tie affair or is this more of a laid back casual wedding? Are you trying to incorporate some particular theme (season/destination wedding/etc…) or do you want to keep things simple?

Much like the D5100 and D5000, the D4 now features a “Quiet” Mode. This will fire the shutter slower, but helpful for situations where sound is undesirable (church, library, etc).

Ask how many weddings a year they cover A quick way to gauge the difference between a part-time and a full-time photographer is to ask how many weddings they cover each year. If its less than 10, they are likely to be inexperienced or focussing on another type of photography. Many professionals cover 30+ weddings a year – some even cover 60-100!

After that, you can now shop for photo albums and other photography equipment and stuff that you might need to keep and preserve your cheap wedding photos. Remember that there are a lot of albums that cost cheap but are as high quality as those that cost too much. A perfect wedding can still be achieved even if you are on a tight budget!