Sms Marketing And How It Works

Your customers add themselves to your VIP list by responding to an offer. Now your customers are privy to special offers that are “exclusive” to them. Making them feel like they are part of a club. The companies SMS marketing call to action invites users to sign up and opt in for your mobile database by texting a unique keyword to a shared short code. This can be as simple as displaying your call to action on your storefront window, reminding customers at the checkout (join our VIP club and get 10% off your purchase today), or integrating your mobile call to action into your traditional advertising campaigns. Put your SMS call to action in your existing marketing materials, and your Twitter or Facebook page. This should be your highest marketing priority.

Educate your customer continuously. Run clients only offers. Let your customers come to know that you love them and care for them. That way they are far more likely to give you referrals. You will be the first person who comes to their minds about a certain service.

12. Manage Guest Lists. Planning a big event? Keep track of RSVP’s and be able to notify the registered attendees of any last minute changes, or use the guest list for a special draw.

The problem some times, is that it can be hard to advertise to get these leads in a cost effective manor, that is where the cost of getting leads does not outweigh the cost of the sales revenue from the leads. But here is a simple 3 step process you can adopt, particularly for your local marketing that will increase your leads with very little investment, and in fact if done correctly, will continue to provide you with leads even after it is setup.

Why? Well. because there is a certain WOW Factor from giving someone your own TEXTWORD, and saying to them that the details are available if you text me on this number…

This platform is actually software. The user accesses this software and sends as many SMSs as it wants. The platform works like a mobile but it has more features that a mobile. For instance, the software generates sent report of the SMSs that are successfully delivered. It stores the texts that are returned undelivered. Also it records leads generated from text marketing. The software is quite effective in sending bulk messages.

Even though you are doing an excellent job, and you are asking for referral, that may not be enough. You see human beings will always want to know ‘what is in it for me’. Because of that, offer something for a referral, it could be a commission, a discount loyalty points, or even a special valuable report.

Engaging customers also makes them loyal and increases likelihood of doing a bigger purchase every time they shop. Furthermore, engaged customers are also likely to refer other customers to you.