Top Three Reasons To Clean Your Carpet

Having pets is lovely, but if you have carpeted floors at home, it comes with a bit of a challenge. Pets and carpets just don’t go well together. Thankfully, you can enjoy both with a little care and discipline, like taking pet house training seriously, giving your pet enough space to roam and keeping carpeted rooms off limits, and cleaning up pet urine from your carpets before they turn into stains. Fresh urine is easier to clean up and they don’t leave stains when properly taken care of, and stains are easier to prevent than to remove.

When you have gotten a few recommendations, check with the Better Business Bureau. They can let you know about unresolved complaints and other potential problems with the carpet cleaning services services that you are considering.

Renting a carpet cleaning services cleaning machine is easy. First step is to locate a store in your locale that offers carpet cleaner rentals. It can be quite common for grocery and hardware stores to have several units available to rent for their customers. It’s no harm asking if they do, the next time you’re in there.

You can get a basic canister steam cleaner for under $100. These are not specifically for cleaning carpets, but may come with accessories that will allow you to use them on your carpet. Be prepared for a bit of extra work in that case, as you will have to do the scrubbing yourself when you come across a stain. They can be used on carpets for the most part, although you should check the instructions to be certain.

One known technique is to apply peroxide mixed with water to the stained area using a sponge. Peroxide also helps get rid of the odor of urine that might have stuck to your carpets as well. If you don’t have peroxide, you can also try vinegar diluted with water. If that doesn’t work, look for special carpet stain removal agents. Other homeowners and pet lovers also suggest toothpaste.

Then you’ve got your steam cleaners which are basically used for making your dull carpets look like new again. Since our carpets are over 16 years old I seriously doubt that steam cleaning is going to do very much for them.

Remember, those who’re best in this business have not become the best overnight. There’s a tough competition in the market and until you get the basics right, progressing in the market will not be easy.