Trout Fishing – Guide To Getting Started

One of the best ways to learn about fly fishing is by reading about it. You don’t have to buy hundreds of books, though. There are many magazines dedicated to fly fishing, and most of them can give you a lot of great information.

I, of course, set the hook and the fight began. Now mind you, thirty minutes earlier I had caught and released two or three eighteen to twenty inch Rainbow trout. And that is exactly what this fish felt like for the first minute or two. Another nice trout. Then after five or six minutes of routine fighting, something happened.

Don’t stay overnight at a rest stop. Rest stops attract criminals. If you stop at a rest stop it should only be for a short break and then back on the road. Lock the RV and take turns using the facilities, always leaving someone in or close to the RV. Always be on the look out for anything or anyone that looks suspicious. Keep your cell phone handy in case you need it and don’t open the door for anybody, unless you know who it is.

In the front the vest should have at least two but preferably three pockets that can hold two fly boxes and a leader wallet. Small pockets in the chest area will get filled with the minutiae that make fly fishing so wonderful. The obligatory fleece patches are necessary to hold flies temporarily. One final thing that I find very handy is a rod holder that is a loop of fabric on the right lower hem of the vest and a Velcro strap on the left chest hem. When you are on the stream, you can put the butt of the rod in the loop and run the strap around the rod itself. Your rod sits pointing in the air, lifting your line out of the water and making tying knots so much easier.

When trying on a fishing vest for the first time, three items you should look for. First, a sweater or heavyweight shirt should fit under the vest without it binding. Most of the time fly fishing is done in the warm weather of summer when the flies hatch. But as you advance in the sport your season lengthens. No sense wasting good stream time by being too uncomfortable to fish.

The first outdoor fishing equipment stores is obviously a fishing rod. Fishing rods can cost anywhere from $30 to several hundred dollars. When buying a fishing rod, you have to think about what kind of fish you are aiming to catch. If you are planning bigger catches, you will need a rod that can support the weight of the fish. A small rod designed to catch smaller fish could snap if you use it for bigger fish.

Next I will talk about “bobbers”, which mostly come in handy when freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing the flats or canals. The bobber is generally positioned right above the leader also, and the bait will not sink due to the flotation of the bobber. Once the bobber is pulled under water, more than likely you have a fish on and need to “set the hook” to nail the fish.

In conclusion, taking a kid fishing will definitely be a winner of an idea. You may not always catch fish, but you will have the opportunity to spend time with your child outside. And maybe will become a sport in which you and your family can spend quality time together and build a catalog of memories.

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